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Here is a brief non-exhaustive presentation of our products. To discover the complete range, ask us for access to our online store.

PVSTAR high-end solar panels

PVSTAR is a global leader in the field of residential photovoltaic systems, part of the CHINT Group. We offer integrated residential photovoltaic solutions based on comprehensive life cycle management technology. Our product range includes a wide variety of solar modules, storage systems, solar inverters, and other components. We are committed to being the global leader in intelligent photovoltaic energy solutions.

Following the trend of the energy revolution, PVSTAR provides integrated photovoltaic solutions to the market by building a comprehensive and leading development system that adheres to its core value of innovation. With an extensive range of products and cutting-edge solutions, PVSTAR offers one-stop services and lifecycle support through efficient energy production, safety and reliability, and intelligent O&M technologies. We strive to promote a greener world. With a global vision and large-scale thinking, we work with our partners to help our planet enter a new era of smart energy.

Founded in 2015, CHINT Anneng is a residential photovoltaic company within the CHINT Group, with a registered capital of 2.438 billion RMB. CHINT Anneng focuses on providing end users with all-in-one solutions, including co-development, purchase, and leasing of residential photovoltaic systems, covering the entire process from design to installation, as well as post-sales operation and maintenance. To date, the number of end users of CHINT Anneng has exceeded one million, with a market share exceeding 30%.